Payment Processing Solutions

Premier has leveraged several partner relationships to offer merchants a comprehensive suite of payment processing services.

Integrated Virtual Terminals

Many retail merchants (especially mail order and telephone order (MOTO) merchants) do not need expensive and cumbersome point-of-sale systems to manage their businesses and accept payments.

We understand the unique needs of merchants, so we offer an integrated virtual terminal solution that enables merchants to accept keyed, swiped, or inserted transactions directly from any internet-connected computer with a web browser.

Our virtual terminal includes much needed features, including:


  • Level II & III processing
  • Tokenization
  • Recurring Billing

Point-of-Sale Integration

Premier Generation processing solutions seamlessly integrate with all major retail point-of-sale (POS) systems, including:

  • Digital Dining
  • Shopify POS
  • Clover

Premier Generation solutions are also integrated with various other POS systems, so be sure to ask us about our other existing system integrations.

Additionally, we are always looking for new integration relationships with up-and-coming point-of-sale systems. Please contact us if you would like us to consider integrating with your POS system.


Size does not matter

Our secure ecommerce payment processing solution will work for companies of any size. Integrate with almost any major shopping cart system, including ShopKeep, Shopify POS, Clover, & more! 

Reporting and Chargeback/Retrieval Management

 Keeping MORE money in your pocket is one of our top priorities

At Premier Generation, we are obsessed with providing top-tier service of your accounts. With our powerful reporting tools, you will be able to create comprehensive reports at any time. 

Also, by using our online chargebacks tools, your organization can receive and adjudicate chargebacks online, which leads to significant savings in time and costs when compared to paper-based chargebacks processes.

Our automated chargebacks tools:

  • Facilitate online acceptance, rebuttal and submission of chargeback items
  • Reduce adjudication timeframes.
  • Eliminate paper.
  • Match chargeback items to original transactions
  • Allow you to upload and attach notes and other supporting documentation to chargeback records.
  • Present a comprehensive list of all chargebacks, including the current statuses of chargebacks, the number of days they have been open, brief descriptions of chargeback reasons and the amounts disputed.

Our dedicated customer support team will continuously work with you to address complicated chargeback issues.

Full EMV Capabilities

We provide EMV-Compliant payment processing that enable your business to quickly accept chip-based cards.

Chip-based EMV credit cards and debit cards are quickly replacing outdated magnetic stripe-based cards in the United States and around the globe.

While the technology used in EMV cards provides enhanced security and protection from data theft, the EMV technology is only useful if card processing hardware and software can properly read the new cards.

Premier Generation offers EMV-compliant payment processing solutions that enable all types of merchants to accept chip-based cards quickly and cost-efficiently.

Do not lose customers because your outdated payment processing provider and equipment do not accept EMV cards.