The payment solution
that protects

Experience the world-class service you deserve.

Flawless Collaboration

Premier Generation, in conjunction with its partners, has nearly two decades of business expertise to provide you with optimal, industry-specific processing for credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and electronic checks (ACH).


Premier Generation can securely handle billions in transactions through the use of sophisticated encryption and tokenization


Our clients remain loyal due to our knowledgeable and supportive staff whose sole focus is caring for your business like it was their own

Cost-Effective Solutions

There is no “one-size fits all” mentality here. We take the time to review how your business collects payments, then use that knowledge to create an analysis of your customers, which ultimately provides us with insight into your exact needs. You never have to worry about paying for something you may never use!

Powerful Reporting Tools

Integrated web-based reporting tools enable you to better manage your business by quickly accessing transaction details, deposit information, chargeback details & more

Full EMV/Chip Card Capabilities

We provide EMV-Compliant payment processing that enable your business to quickly accept chip-based cards


Choose a single provider that can address all of your business needs, rather than contracting with (and subsequently paying for) multiple service providers who only handle a few.

24/7 Support

Receive unmatched support 24 hours, 7 days a week via telepehone and email

Shopping Cart Integration

Seamlessly integrate with all major shopping cart system like ShopKeep, Shopify, Clover, and more

Mobile Payments

We offer a smart-phone based app and accompanying card readers that enable you to accept swiped, chip-based, and keyed transactions securely, quickly and cost-effectively.

Best Interchange Rates

Our sophisticated interchange optimization technology automatically scans every transaction to ensure you receive the best rates possible

Integrated Virtual Terminals

Accept payments without a cumbersome point-of-sale system

Chargeback/Retrieval Management

Quickly receive and adjudicate chargebacks online